Our mission

“To help our customers make better decisions and grow their business with advanced analytics solutions”

Company profile

DecisionBrain is a software company that delivers advanced analytics and optimization solutions to innovative companies who want to apply a scientific approach to decision making. Based in Paris, Montpellier and in Hong-Kong, the company implements decision support systems worldwide that help customers better manage their operations and gain visibility and control over their company’s performance. It delivers its services in various industries including manufacturing, logistics and retail.

Our values

At DecisionBrain, we are dedicated to help our customer reach operational excellence.
The company’s reputation and growth rely on a number of key values that drive our decisions on a daily basis:

Team work

We are proud of the skills of our people… but we value even more the excellence of team work as we believe that it is key to deliver robust and reliable solutions to our customers.

Long term engagement

We consider that customer satisfaction is our best asset and we always make sure that all our decisions are taken with the objective of delivering value to them over and over again.

Continuous improvement and innovation

We always challenge our own assumptions and methods to continuously improve quality and effectiveness and to bring innovation to our customers.

Trust and Transparency

We value transparency internally as we believe it is key to motivate our people… and externally as we believe it is mandatory to provide full visibility on the projects to our customers to establish a trusted relationship.

The team

We are proud of the skills of our people who have been delivering value to customers in optimization, advanced mathematics and advanced software architecture for years.

Our team has technical expertise in Optimization technology and modeling (Mathematical programming, Constraint Programming, Heuristics, Meta-Heuristics, Statistical Analysis, and Machine Learning), Application Development (System architecture, Big data, Java/Scala software development) and User Experience and User Interface Design (Web development -HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript-, Rich Desktop UI).

We also have very strong industry experience in manufacturing, supply chain and Logistics.

We place this knowledge and industry experience at the service of our customers to deliver innovative custom solutions that are easy to use, maintain and enhance.

Filippo Focacci
Filippo Focacci, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer

Before founding DecisionBrain, Filippo Focacci worked for ILOG and IBM for over 15 years where he held several leadership positions in Consulting, R&D, Product Management and Product Marketing in the area of Supply Chain and Optimization. He received a Ph.D. in Operations Research (OR) from the University of Ferrara (Italy) and has over 15 years experience applying OR techniques in industrial applications in several optimization domains. He has published Supply Chain and Optimization articles for several international conferences and journals.

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Daniel Godard
Daniel Godard, CPIM
Chief Technology Officer

Co-founder of DecisionBrain, Daniel Godard has more than 20 years of experience in consulting and software development with a sound expertise in optimization models for production planning, supply chain design, supply chain network planning and logistics. APIC CPIM certification obtained in 2010.

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Grégoire Marabout-Demazure
Grégoire Marabout-Demazure
Chief Software Architect

Grégoire Marabout-Demazure has 15 years experience in software engineering. Prior to joining DecisionBrain, Grégoire worked for ILOG (acquired by IBM in 2008) as architect, and designed several tools for the JRules product line (now part of IBM Websphere). Then Grégoire specialized in big data solutions and worked for a startup in the semi-conductor industry as the architect of its SaaS data analysis platform. Grégoire received a master Degree in Computer Science from the University Pierre-et-Marie-Curie, Paris.

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David Gravot
David Gravot
Director Professional Services, France

David Gravot has been working as an Operations Research (OR) practitioner since 1998. He holds a master in Operations Research after graduating from french 'Ponts & Chaussées'. He began to develop hybrid solvers for workforce scheduling with Temposoft (now part of Oracle). In 2005, David created Rostudel to help a wider range of industries (supply chain, nuclear, satellite tracking, semi-conductors scheduling ...). David found at DecisionBrain everything that keeps an OR practitioner awake : great combinatorial puzzles to solve, a talented and experienced staff still eager to learn and achieve. Geeks and rocket scientists, what else ?

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Tan Kiat Shi
Tan Kiat Shi
Director Professional Services, APAC

Tan Kiat Shi has over 18 years of experience in solution modeling, development and project management in Optimization and Business Rules systems. He has led numerous implementations and projects, in banking and finance, telecommunications, and supply chain management across Asia Pacific and Greater China. Kiat Shi holds a M.Sc. degree in Computational Science from the National University of Singapore. He speaks English, Putonghua, Cantonese, Malay, and Japanese. He is also the author of several books including Computer Algebra with SymbolicC++.

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At DecisionBrain, working as a team is really in our DNA as we believe it makes us stronger and enables us to deliver better long term results to our customers. We are therefore looking for talented people who are not only passionate about software and high-tech and excellent in their domain but also share our vision and values and are willing to be part of a strong team.

Working at DecisionBrain means that you will have the opportunity to:

  • join a visionary quickly growing young company,
  • have a direct impact on the evolution and success of the company,
  • evolve rapidly with a very experienced and dynamic team,
  • work with customers around the globe.


24, rue Louis Blanc
75010 Paris

97, rue de Freyr
34000 Montpellier

Hong Kong
21/F On Hing Building
1 On Hing Terrace
Central, Hong Kong