Electronics and semiconductor manufacturing

Minimizing the cycle time and optimizing throughput are the most critical concerns in the electronic and semiconductor industry where demand is volatile and pricing pressure is high.

Our solution enables our customers to address various pain points such as:

  • The scheduling complexity of many processes (In semicon: Photo, Diffusion, Chamber Tools ; In Assembly: Packaging lines & Testers, in PCB: Plating, Press, etc.
  • The WIP variation which is critical to improve operational efficiency
  • The management of precise setup times
  • The High Variability which impacts CT and OTD
  • The plant environment (equipment status, late lots, machine downtime…) that is ever changing
  • The difficulties planners have in pinpointing and understanding production issues.

The problems we solve

DecisionBrain team has been working on several projects in retail and builds innovative optimization and decision support systems tailored to the specific problems encountered in this industry.

These solutions are usually part of strategic initiatives led by senior management and address various specific issues such as:

DecisionBrain’s Fab Real Time Scheduling Solution for Semiconductor Manufacturing creates and updates production schedules for all tools of the different fab process areas. Connected to the Fab’s MES system, it uses advanced Operations Research techniques to generate optimal schedules in real time and enables Fabs to shorten cycle time, improve operational efficiency and effectively respond to tool interruptions and hot lots.

DecisionBrain’s Manufacturing Planning and Scheduling Solution for Electronic Manufacturing creates and updates production schedules for all different processes in electronics manufacturing. Our solution can holistically coordinate and smooth production operations across several work centers and schedule each work center in detail. It generates optimized plans and schedules that reduce cycle time, improve operational efficiency and effectively respond to changes and hot lots.

The benefits

After the implementation of our optimization and decision support systems, our customers can benefit from:

  • Increase throughput and decrease cycle time
  • Important reduction in variability
  • Improve level of factory automation
  • Provide a user-friendly GUI to analyze factory behavior (past and present)
  • Integrate automated Scheduling with the MES and advanced process control…

Customer references