Turn your operational challenge into a competitive advantage

Based on our experience in optimization, advanced mathematics and advanced software architecture, as well as on our industry expertise, we can help you solve any operational challenge you are facing and turn it into a competitive advantage.

Our decision support systems will enable you to:

  • improve your operational KPIs with respect to your business constraints and objectives,
  • win market share by enabling you to make more effective decisions than your competitors.

We build custom solutions based on standard software platform and software components that are perfectly tailored to your business

Starting from a detailed business analysis, we develop a shared vision of the new system. We design the solution and quickly build it via an agile and iterative approach using our standard software. We apply short iterations and, at every iteration, we deliver business value and validate the iteration with business users.

Some examples of challenges DecisionBrain can help you address

  • Create a plan that respects your business constraints and objectives
  • Identify bottlenecks, effectively manage them and smooth operations
  • Implement trade-offs between costs, revenue and service level
  • Reduce the impact of variability, delays and disruptions
  • Analyze market signals to discover trends and regularities that can be exploited to improve profit margins
  • Anticipate and adapt to market changes to gain competitive advantage